Shortening your dicks…….lifespan.

Alright, this one goes out more so to the fellas out there, but ladies this isn’t a bad read for you to just know some things and to inform your man. Therefore if he is doing this shit, he is on his way to having some dick problems down the road. Just saying ….. After …

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Don’t Let it Get Dull

Theres always some room to sharpen your pencil. Everyone knows and hits a point in their sex life, where it’s consistently the same fucking thing. You have a routine, you do the same positions, and you talk dirty the exact same way. This always leads to an end, or a lot of problems within the …

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The Trust Fuck.

If we could speak about one fucking thing that will ruin your sex life. It’s ruining the communication and the trust that you have with that person. Fasten your seatbelts fuckers, this ones going to be bumpy. For real though, if something is bumpy you should probably go check out Roman. The Trust Fuck. So, …

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