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Men really don’t care!

The Fuck is a Queef? From Dictionary.com: an expulsion of air through the vagina. From Urban Dictionary: pussy fart the musical Ladies, ladies, men don’t care if you queef, have to puke during the middle of sex, or anything ridiculous as fuck. All we care about is that we still get to fuck you! Thats it! There better be a scud missile headed …

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Don’t Let it Get Dull

Theres always some room to sharpen your pencil. Everyone knows and hits a point in their sex life, where it’s consistently the same fucking thing. You have a routine, you do the same positions, and you talk dirty the exact same way. This always leads to an end, or a lot of problems within the …

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Did HE Fake It??

Did he actually cum? Did he really get off? Well, ladies this goes out to you, something to know about. First, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t into you, or you did something wrong, there can be a lot of reasons. This also mainly only can really happen if you and your man use condoms. Let’s …

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The Real Figure 8: Tongue Edition

The Real Figure 8 Do a figure 8 with your tongue.... on my clit. Ladies, how fucking hot is it when a guy expresses to you how bad he wants to eat your pussy. It could be at the beginning, in the middle, or even dessert afterwards. It's all about how you present it and …

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20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed

The Car 2. The Kitchen 3. A Public Bathroom 4. A Hot Tub 5. The Gym Locker Room 6. Changing room in a department store 7. Someone else’s house 8. In a tent – Camping 9. On a boat 10. In a library! 11. Outdoors “grassy field” 12. While skinny dipping ?! 13. At the …

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