Sex positions to Watch It All

Sex Positions to Watch It All Ladies and Gents listen up! During sex, maybe one of you likes to watch a little more than the other? Otherwise, maybe one just likes to watch? Whatever the case might be, and if the other doesn’t give a fuck because they know they are getting their rocks off …

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Getting Guys Turned On.

Everyone has their quirks, but are there some things that are always just going to turn guys on? There are some things that guy’s really cannot resist! Being a dirty little slut for him is going to turn him on more than anything, and then you are going to look like a damn pornstar riding …

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20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed

The Car 2. The Kitchen 3. A Public Bathroom 4. A Hot Tub 5. The Gym Locker Room 6. Changing room in a department store 7. Someone else’s house 8. In a tent – Camping 9. On a boat 10. In a library! 11. Outdoors “grassy field” 12. While skinny dipping ?! 13. At the …

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