Sex positions to Watch It All

Sex Positions to Watch It All Ladies and Gents listen up! During sex, maybe one of you likes to watch a little more than the other? Otherwise, maybe one just likes to watch? Whatever the case might be, and if the other doesn’t give a fuck because they know they are getting their rocks off …

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Is your sex in Gear?

Listen, new topic, going to dive deep into fitness for a second. Lately, just watching some fitness videos on youtube, and have come across countless videos of huge motherfuckers taking gear. If you don’t know what gear is, it is steroids for all of you out there that don’t know. So ladies, listen up, fellas …

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Did they see us….?

  Whats the Big Deal? So, like do me in a fucking gym locker room, Bro. The act of getting caught or being watched is something that gets people off, and can also get you on a list so let’s be careful? The fact that you can fuck in a public place with people around …

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How Fitness and Exercise does wonders for your Sex life!

Let’s talk fitness….Do you ever go to the gym and hit a sesh really hard then walk out and notice you’re horny as fuck? It’s probably because an intense gym session can actually boost your libido. There are different contributing factors that make you walk out of the gym horny as fuck. The gym does …

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Communication Improves Your Sex

So you want to have the awesome sex you think about it? You want to be riding your mans cock hard while he grabs hold of your tits? You want him to flip you over to do you in thirteen different positions before he cums, girl let daddy know! Dudes, you want your girl bent …

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6 Quickie Sex Positions

We all have moments where you got limited time, maybe only 5 minutes and you want to fuck! So, just incase it didn’t cross your mind here are 6 sex positions to get your quick fuck sesh on! Standing Doggystyle Missionary Cowgirl style Reverse cowgirl Doggystyle on the stairs Shower Sex All positions are great …

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