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Experience Challenge!

Please Submit Short Experiences! Submit your short sexual stories and we will feature them & you on our blog, unless you would like to remain anonymous! We want to hear it all! Keep Them Under 500 words…. Be polite. (As polite as the dirty Donut would be.) If you go to our homepage there is …

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Getting Guys Turned On.

Everyone has their quirks, but are there some things that are always just going to turn guys on? There are some things that guy’s really cannot resist! Being a dirty little slut for him is going to turn him on more than anything, and then you are going to look like a damn pornstar riding …

Getting Guys Turned On. Read More »

Best Anal sex positions for the noobs

To note before any of these positions are tried, make sure that ass is lubed up and ready to go! Fellas listen to the lady, if it hurts, or feels good whatever go by what she says. Especially since she’s the one allowing you to fuck that ass like you’ve always wanted! Doggystyle with your …

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