20 Places to Get Fucked That isn’t a bed

  1. The Car

2. The Kitchen

3. A Public Bathroom

4. A Hot Tub

5. The Gym Locker Room

6. Changing room in a department store

7. Someone else’s house

8. In a tent – Camping

9. On a boat

10. In a library!

11. Outdoors “grassy field”

12. While skinny dipping πŸ˜‹!

13. At the drive in – be sneaky.

14. On top of a coffee table/island table.

15. A lake/ The ocean!

16. The movies πŸŽ₯.

17. On an airplane – MILE HIGH BITCHES

18. Bed of a truck!

19. Hotel

20.Lecture hall

Let’s grow this list ! Please comment to add 😈 – DD

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