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Did they see us….?

  Whats the Big Deal? So, like do me in a fucking gym locker room, Bro. The act of getting caught or being watched is something that gets people off, and can also get you on a list so let’s be careful? The fact that you can fuck in a public place with people around …

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The Majestic Blowjob

Ladies, are you doing it right? Fellas, is she doing it right or are you dying for her to stop? Alright ladies, This ones for you. What is the correct way to give a blow job? Is there an actual art to it? Fuck yeah , there is. Its not like you just put it …

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Don’t Let it Get Dull

Theres always some room to sharpen your pencil. Everyone knows and hits a point in their sex life, where it’s consistently the same fucking thing. You have a routine, you do the same positions, and you talk dirty the exact same way. This always leads to an end, or a lot of problems within the …

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