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Just A Brief Article On Men’s Boxers.

Fellas, there are tons and tons of different style boxers. Which kind to get, which pair, which fit, what size, what style and blah fucking blah! Simple fact all dudes want is a pair of boxers that show off the goods and make your cock and balls feel like they are being strangled and suffocated! …

Just A Brief Article On Men’s Boxers. Read More »

Getting it on … on the road ?!

You read that right? Car sex, road head, sex while driving, sex adventures….. Just a friendly reminder, drive carefully!! But also know where the pot holes are at… fellas you’ll love it… hit that pothole just right where you don’t damage the car, but you get to shove your cock deep in her throat all …

Getting it on … on the road ?! Read More »

Spank me Harder….

“Spanking is a one handed round of applause in appreciation of a magnificent ass!” I think Ass Slaps & Whips are something people need to bring into the bedroom more often. Like what guy doesn’t want to leave hand marks on those ass cheeks? THEY ALL DO! What girl doesn’t want to be fucking bent …

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