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The Majestic Blowjob

Ladies, are you doing it right? Fellas, is she doing it right or are you dying for her to stop? Alright ladies, This ones for you. What is the correct way to give a blow job? Is there an actual art to it? Fuck yeah , there is. Its not like you just put it …

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The Trust Fuck.

If we could speak about one fucking thing that will ruin your sex life. It’s ruining the communication and the trust that you have with that person. Fasten your seatbelts fuckers, this ones going to be bumpy. For real though, if something is bumpy you should probably go check out Roman. The Trust Fuck. So, …

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Best Anal sex positions for the noobs

To note before any of these positions are tried, make sure that ass is lubed up and ready to go! Fellas listen to the lady, if it hurts, or feels good whatever go by what she says. Especially since she’s the one allowing you to fuck that ass like you’ve always wanted! Doggystyle with your …

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