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Anal Sex

Buttstuff. People either really like it, are scared as hell, or like turned off completely by it. Anal play can be FUN and can also be one of the hottest things ever … BRANCH OUT. However, there is a lot of work, prep, and trust into this one. To start things off just realize what …

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The Trust Fuck.

If we could speak about one fucking thing that will ruin your sex life. It’s ruining the communication and the trust that you have with that person. Fasten your seatbelts fuckers, this ones going to be bumpy. For real though, if something is bumpy you should probably go check out Roman. The Trust Fuck. So, …

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A High Sex Drive

Too much sex? Wait, so is that an actual thing? People get sick of sex? I will never understand the people that always talk about how they need a “break” or they are too “tired” for sex. If you are doing it the right way you will not want a break. Having a good sex …

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