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How Fitness and Exercise does wonders for your Sex life!

Let’s talk fitness….Do you ever go to the gym and hit a sesh really hard then walk out and notice you’re horny as fuck? It’s probably because an intense gym session can actually boost your libido. There are different contributing factors that make you walk out of the gym horny as fuck. The gym does …

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So, guys like vibrators to?

Well guys , after a little investigating it’s come to my attention that the male population can also have a little fun in bed with your vibrator! People are probably like what the fuck right now. If I’m being completely honest , your sex gets hotter, the way you do things gets hotter and I …

So, guys like vibrators to? Read More »


Ladies and Gents, ever try it? Do you have an opinion on it? Like it yay or nay? First off to those who do not know, edging is basically taking yourself to EDGE right before orgasm. This can be done multiple times not just the once. This technique is used when you dirty fuckers are …

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